About the Society

The Titusville Historical Society meets in Titusville, PA, part of the Oil Region National Heritage Area. The society represents Titusville and the immediate surrounding areas. We maintain a collection of artifacts, photographs, and manuscripts that are directly related to Titusville area history and genealogy. We are a membership-driven organization, providing email reference services for those who have questions about genealogy and family history. We also provide physical programming, such as public talks on historic homes and interesting individuals from Titusville. Every year in the fall, we offer a full-day genealogy conference with local and regional speakers and vendors. Recently, we have contributed volunteers to the Ida Tarbell House project and to grant planning meetings for the Titusville City Hall renovation. We play an important role in recognizing local and regional historic preservation achievements. Though we currently lack a dedicated space for interaction with the public, it is our goal to provide services and resources virtually, through the development of a digitized collection. In addition, we have the long-term goal of securing a historic structure in Titusville to house our collection and our programs.

The Titusville Historical Society is a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status. We meet monthly and are governed by member participation. Leadership is provided by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three-member Board. All are invited to attend meetings, whether or not you are a member. Our Society maintains an active community profile through articles and announcements in the local newspaper and participation in the local Chamber of Commerce. We maintain good working relations with other surrounding organizations, such as the Crawford County Historical Society, the Drake Well Museum of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and the Oil Region Alliance.